Muntons Vision:

‘To find a place for malt and malted ingredients in the lives of people – in the foods they eat and the drinks they enjoy, on every continent, in every country and every household.’

Muntons Mission:

‘To make, distribute and sell the finest quality malt and malted ingredients with a continued commitment to work with our customers to meet their requirements for innovative, sustainable, traceable and ethical products.’

Muntons Values:

Our roots are strong, with family ownership from the very beginning, back to the founding of our company in 1921.   We are a company soundly financed adopting long-term thinking, solid forward planning and a visionary approach to business. Using locally sourced, top quality cereals we make a diverse range of malt and ingredients which we are proud to supply around the world.  The nature and versatility of our products makes them ideal for today’s demanding markets, bringing goodness and nutrition to global producers.

Importantly, we also appreciate the value that our people bring to our business and the values that they care about and adopt on a daily basis:

AgileAdaptable, flexible and forward thinking
TrustedReliable people, dependable company
CreativeInnovative products, intelligent design
SustainableProtecting everyone’s tomorrow
Team workingFinding success through partnership and collaboration