In this latest Sustainability Statement from Muntons you will find exciting information regarding the many different areas in which we focus on sustainability. Here is a brief overview:

100% Sustainable MaltMuntons is proud to state that its malt is 100% sustainable. This has been verified by external audit
Science Based TargetsMuntons has a bold plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: it has set a Science-based target to reduce emissions by 45% from 2010 levels within 15 years
Sustainable FuturesMuntons was a founder member of a farmer support group to improve the supply chain sustainability and resilience of over 140 farmers through its Sustainable Futures initiative
SedexMuntons is a verified ethical supplier as evidenced through successful Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) audits
CDPMuntons is rated A- for supply chain engagement by the Carbon Disclosure Program against an industry average of grade C
SustainableWe have reduced the carbon footprint of our barley supply chain by 32% over 12 years. Our process GHG emissions per ton are 24% less in the same period. We have sent less than 0.1% to landfill every year for the past 9 years
Practical SustainabilityAll this and more is available to view on our website:
Dr. Nigel Davies, Technical and Sustainability Director