Who distributes your malt?

We sell our malt direct to craft brewers via our four US warehouses. Our sacked malts are also carried by CWS, Pro Brewery Supply, and LD Carlson

Where does Muntons malt come from?

Muntons is a leading British supplier of malt and malted ingredients. We currently operate two maltings in England: in Stowmarket and Bridlington. The majority of our raw grain is sourced within a 50-mile radius of our two maltings

When I place an order how quickly does it go out?

Orders dispatch from our US warehouses within two business days for items in stock. Delivery time from the warehouse varies depending on distance from the warehouse. Please contact our US sales office for more information. Please allow 6-8 weeks for special orders.  We work closely with our customers to determine what products they need and plan our warehouse stock accordingly.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept check, ACH transfer, and credit card. A 2.5% fee for credit card transactions applies.

Does Muntons offer pre-milled/crushed malt?

Yes!  Our sales team can work with you to maintain a fresh inventory of the crushed malts you need.

Does Muntons sell bulk malt in the US?

Yes! We also have the ability to work with our customers to create a bulk malt to their specification.

Can my brewery/distillery order a direct container of sacked malt?

Yes! Muntons was one of the first foreign maltsters to ship direct containers to craft brewers in the US.  By ordering direct containers our customers do not have to pay freight from the warehouse to their facility.  We can also hold safety stock in our US warehouses for our direct container customers.

How much product comes in a container?

19 pallets of 25 KG sacks (760 sacks)

18 1000 KG tote bags (aka super sacks)

Why should I choose British malt for brewing?

The UK is one of the best regions on the planet to grow top quality malting barley and we have some of the best and most experienced maltsters in world.  British malting barley has been bred to have a lower nitrogen level than North American 2-row which gives it a higher extract, improving the brewing process. Our pale malts are a superior choice for craft brewers brewing ales including American and New England IPA. Compared to most North American 2-row malts developed for large adjunct lager brewers, our pale malts are kilned in a way to add additional flavor and eliminate raw or green flavors in the malt.

Why should I use British malt for distilling?

Muntons supplies some of the largest distilleries in the world, including some of the most prestigious scotch whisky distillers.  We use barley varieties bred specifically for distilling, free of non-glycosidic nitrile (GN). GN can break down in the distilling process into a carcinogen called ethyl carbamate.  We also produce High Diastatic Power (HDP) Malts that can work in producing grain neutral spirits, as well as American whiskey varieties high in adjuncts like bourbon or rye whiskey.

Are Muntons products GMO free?

Yes, Muntons runs a 100% GMO free production.

Does Muntons malt contain Glyphosate?

All of the barleys used to make our malt are highly safe and comply with legislation in place to protect the consumer from unsafe levels of glyphosate.  Residual levels of glyphosate are just 0.05% of the safe level identified in legislation by the European Union Maximum Residue Levels, so, food and beverages made with our malt will not show any unsafe levels of glyphosate residues.

Does Muntons make organic malts?

Muntons produces Organic Pale and Organic Distilling malts. Please speak with your regional sales representative to confirm availability.

Why are your colored malts so dark?

They’re not! The color numbers in the names of our malts are the European Brewing Convention (EBC) color scale, which is higher than the Lovibond scale used in the US.

Can I speak to someone for technical support?

Yes, Muntons has an experienced technical team able to support you in all things Malt, Brewing and Distilling. We can also help out with quality assurance and analysis queries. 

What does Planet, Venture and Maris Otter mean?

These are all names of barley varieties.  At Muntons we pride ourselves on making the highest quality malt without blending differing varieties.  This ensures you can use the variety you want to achieve the taste you are seeking.

What does Muntons supply other than malt?

We make and supply a wide range of malt extracts in both liquid and dry form (DME).  These are great for increasing brewing capacity, adding color or imparting extra flavor. Our spray dried extract is also perfect as a yeast starter and can be used to prime beer without adding any non-malted ingredients.  We also supply a wide range of malted and un-malted flakes to add texture, improve mouthfeel and bring depth to most beer styles.

Where can I find Muntons homebrew kits?

Our products for homebrewers are available through your local homebrew retailer. Please ask them to contact their wholesaler if you cannot find the Muntons product you are seeking.

Can Muntons sponsor our homebrew event?

Please contact us with details on the event and the donation you are requesting.

Does Muntons sell sacked malt directly to homebrewers?

Sorry, not at this time.