Distilling Base Malts

The base malt used for distilling is important, as the right balance between extract, enzymic power and fermentability needs to be achieved to ensure the distiller brews a high-quality spirit.  Flavor carry-through of specific grains as well as kilning, stewing and roasting profiles all play a role in the creation of the perfect base spirit.

Over the years we have, in partnership with some great distilleries, developed and trialled many different malt styles and varieties.  We are therefore proud to be a leading supplier of high-quality distilling malts into bulk and craft distilling industries and our knowledge and understanding of the distilling process ensures that we offer the very best malt.

But the story does not start there, it starts with our work through some of the world’s greatest and most innovative breeding programs, leading to the development of the finest barley varieties for distilling malts. Our selected malting barley varieties offer large, even grains that malt well, enhance soluble extract yield and ensure low levels of Glycosidic Nitrile (GN). GN is a precursor of a potentially harmful substance known as Ethyl Carbamate (EC).  These improvements in UK malting barley varieties mean that the distilling industry benefit from malts that can help to reduce the EC in the final spirit even further.

Muntons is one of the world leaders in malt extract production.  Through our innovation and product development process, coupled with customer trials, we have developed malt extracts particularly suitable for Distilling.  Our distilling malt extracts can be used as a replacement base material when testing new equipment or in the event of a plant breakdown. Some of our more complex malt extracts can also be added to a wash to impart specific desirable flavors such as caramel, treacle and molasses. This has proved to be a simple way to introduce additional flavor profiles for spirit complexity and depth.

Pot Still Malt:
Pot still malt is the most traditional style of distilling malt.  Carefully malted to suit the exacting needs of our distilling partners in their malt whisky production.  Pot Still malt has a very low protein level, paired with high extract and good fermentability. It is carefully balanced and has a mild malty character in the wash.

Organic Pot Still Malt:
Our high-quality Pot Still malt is also available in an organic form made from organic barley grown in the UK.

Whether you are producing malt whisky, grain whiskey, gin or vodka we have the perfect base malt, base malt blend or malt extract for you.

High DP Malt:
HDP Malt is made with grain distilling in mind. Its extra-high Diastatic power will help convert any starch source added to the mash. With Diastatic Power about twice as high as a standard malt, it can be used at just 30% of the grist mix along with un-malted adjuncts and convert all of the starch to fermentable sugar. High enzyme malts inevitably have a high nitrogen level but their ability to convert non-malted adjuncts without the need for additional enzyme addition provide the distiller to exercise their creative flair.

Rye Distilling Malt:
Our development trials have produced very good results from Rye, with its addition giving the spirit a sweet and smooth mouthfeel. When using higher percentages of Rye we would recommend a lower initial mash temperature to help break down the protein. Rye has gained popularity over the last couple of years with more and more traditional distillers using this highly flavorful grain.

Wheat Malt:
Wheat is a another option for all-grain distillers looking for a different flavor, and offers a consistently high extract and a slightly smoother mouthfeel. Wheat malt has a higher level of protein and can therefore boost fermentation speed. If using high percentages of wheat, care must be taken when processing as the grain has no husk and can therefore cause issues with collection.

Peated Malt:
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new peating plant in Yorkshire. At our state of the art installation we are able to create perfectly peated malt in our peating kiln. Peated malt is the perfect addition for any distiller looking to add a further layer of depth and a complex phenolic flavor to their spirit. Our peated malt is available in three variants. We have a low, medium and high phenol malt.

Low0 – 20 ppm
Medium21 – 40 ppm
High41 – 60 ppm