Muntons have teamed up with John Fearless, who have now been granted exclusivity for Muntons top quality range of base malts in the state of California.

This forms part of Muntons plans to work closely with industry specialists such as John Fearless, who are well positioned to help expand distribution of their products.

John Fearless is a specialty purveyor of quality products to the craft beverage industry.  Established in 2015, John Fearless, who distribute throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico, was named after ‘John the Fearless’, The Duke of Burgundy, who lived in a time When brewing beer with hops was either banned or heavily taxed. The Duke brought hops to parts of Europe, and helped to usher in a quiet revolution that saw the noble hop replace the herbal medleys that had dominated brewing for centuries. With hops at their disposal, Europe’s brewmaster’s crafted new beers famous for their bold flavors, heady aromas, and complex bitterness.

Phil Bamford, VP for Muntons Malted Ingredients Inc. said: “It’s great to be working with the team at John Fearless, which will not only allow our customers in California greater access to our extensive range of top quality malts, but, will also ensure they receive great customer service.”

Muntons based in Chicago are a leading supplier of malt and malted ingredients to the brewing, distilling, food and beverage industries.


Photo: Geoff Eiter, Sales Manager based in Southern California