Liquid Malt Extracts

In addition to our extensive range of grain malts, Muntons offers a wide range of liquid malt extracts specifically developed for the craft brewing market.

Liquid malt extracts are produced by the aqueous extraction of sugars from malted barley, and their subsequent concentration into a viscous syrup.

Liquid malt extracts can be used in commercial brewing as a partial grain malt replacement or, when added to a conventional mash, as a brew extender. Muntons liquid malt extracts provide a great start to any recipe, offering a carefully balanced formulation designed to provide the ideal base for your own recipe. In addition, we also offer liquid malt extracts made using selected coloured malts to provide a darker base material for your beer recipes.

Gluten free – Muntons offer products suitable for producing gluten free beer. For more information on these products, please speak to a Muntons sales representative.