Muntons brew-in-bag beer and cocktail kits

Finding the right gift for a special person in your life can be difficult. What do you get dad for his birthday or mom for Christmas? Well the answer is simple. What better than a brewery for dad or a cocktail creator for mom. New from Muntons these totally self-contained brew-in-the-bag products
make perfect gifts for any adult member of the family – boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, parent or grandparent. Anyone would be delighted to receive one of these innovative and exciting new products as a gift.

With Muntons new Cheeky Chimp cocktail kits you can make 20 glasses (250ml) of delicious hard lemonade – not for the faint hearted at approximately 5.8% ABV, or why not try another from the range such as a beautifully balanced Pina Colada, fragrant with the taste of pineapples, coconut and white rum. These brew-in-bag kits offer a revolutionary new way of creating your own cocktails at home, simply add water and the yeast provided to the bag contents, put to one side then a few weeks later open the tap and serve with a slice of fruit, some crushed ice and of course the obligatory paper parasol!

Fancy a beer? Then why not try one of our new Brew-in-bag beer kits.  By simply adding water and the yeast provided you can make 28 US pints of hand-crafted ale in the comfort of your own home. From a refreshing golden ale to a rich heart-warming dark ale, there’s a beer for you.  Just follow the simple instruction, wait just a few weeks and open the faucet.  A perfect way to share your hand-crafted ale with your friends and family at your next barbeque, garden party or family gathering.  Craft beers are all the rage right now and these kits are designed to recreate the style of these popular naturally lightly carbonated flavorsome ales. Go on – buy him a brewery!