A bold statement, but one that Muntons suggest is readily achievable in bakery applications using their new ingredient, Maltichoc Dried Regular. The price of cocoa can be somewhat volatile and usually significantly costlier than their newly release product, so by replacing one-for-one some of the cocoa with Maltichoc Dried Regular, savings can be made. 

Although initially developed to replace just 20% of cocoa, in certain applications, their new Maltichoc Dried Regular can be incorporated at up to 50%, not just bringing cost savings but also reducing the impact of the price volatility of cocoa.  But there are other benefits too.

The use of Maltichoc Dried Regular in bakery products such as cakes, muffins, brownies, whoopee pies, biscuits, and soft cookies, can pull these products into a more premium category.  It is the presence of naturally occurring glutamic acid in Maltichoc Dried Regular which enhances flavour.  A fuller and more rounded chocolate flavour is also achieved through the introduction of the bitter and roasted flavour notes from Maltichoc Dried Regular, which effectively compliment the cocoa notes.

Finally, finished products also benefit from improved product texture over shelf life, as the humectant effect of malt extract encourages greater moisture retention, compared with cocoa powder.

Maltichoc Dried Regular is made by blending liquid barley and malt extract with other selected malted ingredients, which are then band dried and milled into a powder.  Made from UK malting barley, it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than cocoa powder making it an environmentally sound ingredient choice.